Mincing blade
Mincing blades

Mincing blades can be used on all types of meat mincing equipment: electric mincers, manual mincers, professional mincers, etc.

Operating principle: meat is pressed against a rotating cutting blade, rubbing against an upright grid, the meat is then cut and exits in the form of mincemeat through the holes on the grid.

The electropolished finish gives the mincing blade a very high quality cut as well as acute resistance to corrosion.

Use of the mincing blade / knife:

  • mincing meat
  • making sausage meat
  • preparing terrines.

Examples of mincing blades / knives

meat mincing blade
knife for manual and electric mincer


Name Versions Material Dimensions
Mincing blade no standard at the moment Electropolished, hardened martensitic stainless steel, 53-55 HRC Diameters:
To be defined