Chopper blade
Chopper blades

Chopper blades are used in small scale food processors using a thermoformed hub.
ADIAMAS creates these mouldings by adapting to client specifications.
This relates to multifunction mincers and choppers.

The chopper blade is a multifunction blade to reduce food to a purée, crumbs or liquid.

Its electropolished finish gives it a very high quality cut as well as acute resistance to corrosion.

Examples of how the multifunction chopper blades can be used:

  • mincing meat
  • making breadcrumbs
  • liquidising purées and fruit compotes.

Examples of food processor blades:

food processor blade
blade for multifunctional kitchen appliance
blades for multifunctional kitchen appliance
single blade for small capacity processor


Name Versions Material Dimensions
Multifunction or chopper blade No standard available Electropolished, hardened martensitic stainless steel, 53-55 HRC To order