Blender blades
Blender blades
Consisting of a blade and an axle, the blender blade is designed to be installed on a blender or mini-chopper.

The dimensions of the axle depend on the type of equipment to which the blade is attached.
ADIAMAS™ does not produce a standard axle but supplies and assembles axles to meet client specifications.

The blender blade has a wide range of uses but is mostly used in the preparation of a wide range of soups and drinks. It is integrated into specific pieces of equipment: smoothie makers, cocktail blenders, milk-shake blenders.

Use of the blender blade:

  • preparing milk-shakes, soups and sauces
  • preparing vegetable and fruit juices (juice with pulp)

Examples of blender blades:

blender blade
blender-mixer blade


Name Versions Material Dimensions
Blender blade No standard available Martensitic stainless steel or cold formed stainless steel Diameter:
To be defined