Cutting accessories for food processors

ADIAMAS (formerly known as GOUTTEBARGE), has been in business since the start of the 20th century. It started out as a professional cutlery-making specialist.
ADIAMAS has kept its original activity but over the past fifty years it has sought to diversify by developing expertise in the field of cutting accessories for food processors.

World leader in cutting accessories for food processors

Today, ADIAMAS is renowned the world over for its food processing cutting accessories.
 Based in the Auvergne, the company has the human, technical and financial resources required to master the entire process of manufacturing food processor attachments. From design through to dispatch, all stages of production are carried out in France.

Key figures

The company is part of the DIAM GROUP, a financial holding at the head of 3 French companies, ADIAMAS , ADIAMIX, ACIERS COSTE.

The gender equality index is 83 points out of 100 for the year 2021.

Staff  80
Turnover €11m / year
Certification ISO 9001