Slicing / grating discs
Slicing / grating disc

The reversible slicing / grating disc is designed to sit on a thermoplastic stem, which is specific to each client, and which holds the disc in place.
This stem enables the slicer grater to be inserted into the client’s kitchen appliance or food processor.

The disc has holes which grate different sizes depending on thickness.

It also has an integrated or raised blade for slicing.

The raised blade guarantees greater cut quality and its electropolished finish increases resistance to corrosion.

Examples of how slicer / grater discs are used:

  • preparing raw vegetables (carrot or cucumber)
  • slicing potatoes or courgettes
  • grating hard cheese

Examples of slicer / grater discs

food processor double disc
medium slice / fine grater disc
medium slice / medium grater disc
large slice / large grater disc


Name Versions Material Dimensions
Grater / slicer disc These are available in three grate sizes (fine, medium and large) and in two cut thicknesses (medium and large). Ferritic stainless steel.
Raised blade in hardened austenitic stainless steel.
The diameter of the disc is 158cm and 175mm.