Centrifuge grids
These ranges (grids and discs for centrifuges) generally consist of a ‘pitted’ disc and an extremely fine ‘filter’ grid, mounted on a plastic moulded part which enables it to be assembled and to rotate within the centrifuge.

Adiamas can make all or part of these ranges and can provide tailor-made estimates for clients whether it be for juice extractors for centrifuge-blender type multifunction food processors or for professional centrifuges.

Examples of how centrifuge grids and centrifuge discs are used

  • extracting fruit and vegetable juices
  • preparing nectars, smoothies and sauces

Grids, discs and ranges for centrifuges

Centrifuge grids
Pitted discs for centrifuges
grid for fruit and vegetable centrifuges


Name Versions Material Dimensions
Centrifuge grid
Pitted disc
No standard version Stainless steel To be defined